About Us

We Are Problem Solvers

At the Estate Planning Law Center we are problem solvers. We help eliminate fear and keep stressful situations simple for our clients. We are passionate about helping people who are concerned about losing their lifetime of assets to the government, a nursing home, lawsuit or other predator. We also help families find ways to keep loved ones home as they age by utilizing Medicaid, veterans or other government benefits. Our clients thank us for showing them options they didn’t even know existed! Our favorite part is getting hugs, brownies and being able to serve many clients’ families and friends because of their satisfaction of what we have done to help them. Clients tell us they are finally able to sleep at night and the worry is gone because they are able to stay in control and, they are confident if something happens to them, what they want will happen, not what the government or predators want. Let our experience support you and your family, whatever your need is. You will be surprised at the options you have and how simple it can be.

At the Estate Planning Law Center we’re not just attorneys helping clients, we are attorneys helping attorneys and other professionals. Our founder, David J. Zumpano, has trained thousands of attorneys, financial advisors, and health care professionals locally and across the United States on how to support and help their clients protect what they have worked a lifetime for. In fact, our firm serves as a model law firm for hundreds of law firms across the United States. We are happy to work with other law firms that do not focus in this area or who struggle to know the ins and outs of Medicaid, estate, asset protection and tax planning. If you are a professional, we encourage you to contact us to identify how best we can support you and the clients you serve.